1986 Comic Buyers Guide Fan Award for Favorite Letterer

Awarded by Comics Buyers Guide magazine. The awards are for work done in the listed year; the results are published the following year. (Note that prior to approximately 1997, CBG referred to the current year's awards by the year the work was done, but around 1997, CBG started referring to the current year's awards by the year the award was given--though they continued referring to awards prior to the switchover date by the year the work was done. - Comic Book Awards Almanac

Vote tallies are in [brackets], and only listed the top 10 in each category are listed.

1. John Costanza [733]
2. Tom Orzechowski [350]
3. Ken Bruzenak [281]
4. John Workman [271]
5. Jim Novak [124]
6. Joe Rosen [117]
7. Bob Lappan [95]
8. Todd Klein [84]
9. Bob Pinaha [79]
10. Dave Gibbons [75]

John Costanza


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