2006 Harvey Award for Best Lettering

Named for Harvey Kurtzman, one of the original creators behind Mad Magazine. This award was created when the Kirby awards were split in two in 1988. The members of the Kirby Awards' Hall of Fame were all considered to have been inducted into the Harvey Awards' "Jack Kirby Hall of Fame." - Comic Book Awards Almanac

• Chris Eliopoulos - Fantastic Four Presents: Franklin Richards, Son of a Genius (Marvel Comics)
• Jason Hanley - Elk's Run (Speakeasy Comics)
• Todd Klein - Marvel 1602: New World (Marvel Comics)
• Richard Starkings - Shanna, The She-devil (Marvel Comics)
• Chris Ware - Acme Novelty Library # 16 (Acme novelty library)

Chris Ware

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