Called the "Rosetta Stone of Lettering", Ninja Lettering was created by letterer Payton Gauldin as a way of promoting and archiving the art of lettering. Famous for in-depth video tutorials, downloads and more letteringlinks than you can shack a SFX at.


PAYTON GAULDIN describes himself as "an artist who letters". Trained as both a graphic designer and a game designer, he has had a passion for comics that was passed onto him at an early age by his dad. He has lettered comics for Image and Devil's Due and for franchises like Dungeons & Dragons.

When not lettering or creating instructional video tutorials, Payton enjoys video games, old time radio, creating comics and studying to be a comic artist.

What they're saying about him:

Payton is one of the best letterers working for the small press. Also, he helped me enormously to learn the techniques of digital lettering, and to adapt my own work to the ways of the computer. Very innovative guy. Never seems to have encountered a problem he couldn't solve. Hire him.” - Clem Robins

Since 2001 Payton and I have run in the same circles of the comic book lettering business. In that time I have been able to witness his work on numerous occasions and have never failed to be impressed. As both letterer and designer his work is first rate and as a tutor of lettering has meaningfully added to the body of knowledge that is computer lettering. Unhesitatingly recommended!" - Jim Keplinger

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